Save Essentials – really?

Watch the video, the idea makes sense.  And, since I support green products and positive brands, I support this communication.  I do however think that this approach may be a bit weak to accomplish the goal of keeping A&H Essentials  in the market place.  Nonetheless, it’s a good product that’s suffered because of poor communication … Continue reading

Kenneth Cole – Seriously

So my GF just got of the train.. With her was the gift bag from CIBS 2008 Holiday Ball.  Surely it would include at least one men’s product- perhaps a new cologne..?  Kenneth Cole – Score!  Rectangle, roughly the size of a deck of cards.  Black – nice.  She opened the package.. Surprise!  A deck … Continue reading

Why me..

Purpose: to capture spontaneous thoughts and provide a forum for discourse among friends, colleagues and myself.