Ten years ago I was senior year in high school, beginning the third quarter with an internship at Merrill Lynch.  The markets were volatile, AOL was the rage! 60-100 point swings, in a single day.  No one thought the Internet was here to stay.. Yet others believed.  That summer, I landscaped for a boss who was a stock enthusiast – on good days we wouldn’t start until 10:30am, when the rally finally leveled off.  Funny how times have changed, and continue to change..

That aside, below are a couple of small goals for 2009.  We’ll cal these general well-being goals (not necessarily connected to the thought above).

  • Use travel mugs instead of paper/foam cups
  • Use green bags rather than plastic for groceries and shopping
  • Do physical activity for at least 30 mins a day
  • Eat lots of fruit, veggies and drink more water
  • Slow down
  • Have lots of fun (and try to take a more economical approach)

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