A Crash Course on Social Media..

Alright.. back from a mini social media vaca, with a quick post on a presentation that Keane Angle (@Keaneangle) and I delivered last week to the CT Press Club as “A Crash Course in Social Media”.  Just a couple of thoughts/builds..

It’s important to remember that presentations are linear.  The subject matter of this deck however, takes place in a non-linear medium.  Meaning, that when you are searching, browsing, interacting or engaging on the web, you are able to drill down on just about any topic you wish to gain more information about.

We took this approach when presenting the material covered in this deck, allowing people to jump in at anytime to ask for an example to illustrate an idea, questions, experiences, etc.  This approach allowed us to descend from the 30,000 ft and hone in on the crux of the inquiry.  As a result, much of the detail was voiced over and came through collective questioning and engagement between presenters and audience.  Point is, much of the information covered is high-level and designed to give the reader touch/entry points for further exploration on their own.

Our objective was to introduce the group to new ideas and concepts with the goal for attendees to gain a personal level of comfort enough to enable them to further pursue this topic.  Through feedback we’ve received so far, both were achieved.


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