Why me.. f**kin iphone!

So i decided to wait to get the iphone. Cause like any power mac user, and share holder, you wait until the 2rd generation before purchasing – that is unless you really want to be a disgruntled early adopter. And go figure, the 3rd time wasn’t the charm. .

Of the couple million 3Gs’ they produced, i got a fucked-up one. Besides loosing functionality once the battery drops below 40%, the audio randomly cutting out, the screen not switching orientation when typing along with a host of other “Quirks“.

Finally i broke, and after a week and two days mustered up the energy to not only vent, but capture the most recent bizarre fuckedness of our new little friend.. Any ideas? Anyone? How i can just use my phone.. Never mind the emails, my calendar, fb, twitter, or whatever else i do.

Alas, the 3.1 upgrade is ’round the corner.. wtf! upgrade, more like a fix what ever we fucked-upgrade..

In the meantime, guess i’ll have to buy a drink to get change for the pay phone..


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