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Part 1 of many – monthly man reports – a collection of abstracts, stats, graphs and excerpts captured from various sources that provide insights into the M18-34 demographic (for research purposes only!) Thanks.


In 2008, the unemployment rate for men ages 20 to 34 in New York State was 7.4 percent. The countrywide average was 7.7 percent, while the state average for women in the same age range was 6.1 percent, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Numbers for 2009 are not yet available.) nytimes article

Urban Lifestyle | Real Estate

Joe Tandle, 32, came to New York from Rochester in 2001, seeking, he said, “this sort of ‘Sex and the City’ lifestyle.” To Mr. Tandle, that meant a two-bedroom condominium in a new building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for which he paid $3,300 a month.

“You sort of get inundated with this American consumerism dream, and that’s what I pushed for, and I worked for,” he said. “This beautiful place in the hip area and the hipster friends or whatever. And then, I guess, I realized that was not really what I wanted.”

Mr. Tandle said he had found alternative ways to live the party-filled lifestyle. In place of costly leather sofas, he fills kiddie pools with piles of pillows for guests to snuggle in on his monthly movie nights.

Friends and neighbors pitched in to landscape his backyard, but ever the bachelor, once it is finished, he’s planning to install a $6,000 hot tub. His apartment is not “big and lush and grandiose,” he said, “but sometimes you want to have a ridiculous 150 people and a world-class D.J. in your basement.”

And sometimes your crib is so far from a plush and inviting bachelor pad that you can use it as a way to vet women, as David Friedlander, 33, does with the extraordinary fun-house-like environs where he lives. If a date isn’t turned off by the premises, it’s a good sign.

For Mr. Friedlander, his surroundings are an exercise in mastering a sort of Zen, “and not identifying with my apartment,” he explained, “being able to find peaceful existence no matter what kind of living situation.”

In Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Urtzi Grau took another tack altogether — rather than give in, he conquered the space with manly industry.

Mr. Grau, 32, an architect originally from Bilbao, Spain, splits the $2,100-a-month rent on a 900-square-foot loft with a roommate. It is here that Mr. Grau showcases creations that he calls pods: two 8-by-6-foot boxes made of particle board, topped with Plexiglas and on wheels. (“Man Pod”..?)

If the high-style bachelor apartment was at its core intended as a lure for love interests, a move toward a more ascetic place might seem to clash with this goal. But some bachelors with pared-down pads disagree.
nytimes article


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