The future!! – EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA!!

I doubt it’s arguable. The Apple iphone, platform and distribution system has changed not only the industry, but also consumer behavior.

In today’s article, Phillip W. Schiller, head of worldwide product marketing at Apple was quoted, “I absolutely think this is the future of great software development and distribution,” Mr. Schiller says. “The idea that anyone, all the way from an individual to a large company, can create software that is innovative and be carried around in a customer’s pocket is just exploding. It’s a breakthrough, and that is the future, and every software developer sees it.”

WOW!! As both a shareholder and power-user this may be the first time I’ve ever been informed so much by Apple. Essentially, besides Jobs, the guy who’s ass is on the line for all the great Apple innovations that get launched globally.. Just said- the future starts today!

Moreover – Mr. Schiller provides a peak behind the app store review process curtain and provides an Apple POV: “The company places high value on what it describes as “customer trust,” or the idea that users have faith that an application distributed on the iPhone won’t crash the platform, steal personal information or contain illegal content.”

The two insights here, are that:
1. Opportunity is here.
2. Trust / faith is positive.

This means, Dear Marketer – We (consumers) are open to your ideas if the concepts and products are smart, efficient, fun and functional – oh, and most importantly, if you don’t try and fuck us, or in the least think that we are dumb! But don’t wait, hurry, times are a changing – and if you don’t act now, you’ll be showing up to the party late. And it won’t even be the party you thought you were going to, it will be a different party at a later date.. Get it?


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