A Presidential Brainstorm – The Afghan War Plan – How Marketing is like Politics..

Regarding the President’s Afgan War Plan, I found an interesting quote today by Obama’s national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, “The process was exhaustive, but any time you get the president of the United States to devote 25 hours, anytime you get that kind of commitment, you know it was serious business. From the very first meeting, everyone started with set opinions. And no opinion was the same by the end of the process.”

I find this quote interesting for a couple of reasons:

1. It’s good to know that the Obama and his team can collaboratively focus for 24hrs on making a big decision.

2. It’s bad to think that Obama only spent 24hrs actively engaged in making this decision.

3. But then again, in terms of business, how often does the president spend 24hrs actively participating in a big decision?

I mean interms of the businness world, it seems like this is one of those projects that never ends, and has multiple tangental pieces, kind of related but not really, as well as smaller projects which never really end either. And, of course there are the inevitable project or two on the horizon.. So what do you do?

Well appearently, you do like you would when solving for any other project’s challenge – gather as much information as you can, find an insight, build a strategy, develop an idea, rationalize it, pitch it, then hope it works!


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