Say goodbye, Say hello – Let’s Make it a TEN!

Well 2009 ended with a bang, and some how collided with 2010 over the course of a four-day ramp-up and bender! The status and chain of events is all neatly captured here thanks to, a new geo-locating social media app (that boasts a modest, but rapidly growing 170k user base).

But with all of the fun and hard work came both physical and monetary strain, and while it seems that the state of the economy has had more and less impact on various people, it was a general consistent theme of 2009 sucked, and 2010 is going to rock!  The vibe and optimism is very alive. Not sure entirely what it will actually take to make any change, but everyone seems to think this next year will be much better, I agree, and in fact going to make it a ten!

So, with a new year come new goals. And, as a firm believer in achieving yoy betterment, writing out annual goals, I find helps facilitate actually accomplishing them:

2010 | Goals

  1. Me – focus on developing physical, mental, professional, social and financial health
  2. Simplify – focus executing actions with greater efficiency and accuracy
  3. Family – focus on expanding relationships with individual family members

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