Just an observation.. What the cool kids drink..

It seems, for what its worth, that the “Y” generation is trading down. Though the term “trading down”, well is used loosely since we’re talking about Manhattan and bottle service in the hottest clubs around. The ever elusive hot club scene where 20-somethings run around from table to table and rock-out to the wee hours … Continue reading

Why are Celebs more popular than Brands on Twitter?

So I’m a week late catching this article – though I don’t think the debate will be settled anytime soon.. The pecking order graphic below begs the question – Why are celebs more popular than brands on Twitter? Perhaps because they are people – and not brands.. and people want to follow people and not … Continue reading

HOW the Digital Frontier is like the “New world” 500+ years later..

Apps on facebook and brand names on twitter.. Get with the program people – it’s like a gold rush, or better yet exploring a new frontier!! This is the best shit that’s happened since Christopher Columbus!! The online world is kinda like the offline world.  Except that most of the offline (Physical Reality) has already … Continue reading

Dear @papajohns, thanks for the apology.. and free pizza!

Thanks for the phone call this past week in response to the note below. Luis handled the situation great. In fact my roommates and I took him up on the offer for a complimentary large any topping, just this past Saturday – and ordered another pie in addition.  Thanks for the hook-up – we’re back … Continue reading

Dear Papa John,

Thanks for getting to my call as quick as possible.  Just like you got to my order.  If I have to listen to Papa John talk about baby papa bellas one more time I am going to cancel my credit card order.   Plain and simple, don’t run a promotion, over-charge me, not take coupons on … Continue reading

talkin ’bout my generation.. seriously you should read these if you want us to listen!

➜➜➜Huh➜WhaaaaT??➜➜➜➜➜➜What’s that u say???????????? A national study fresh out of SDSU is confirming that Generation Y really is Generation Me . The jaw-dropping conclusion? 57% of young people believe their generation uses social networking sites for self-promotion, narcissism and attention seeking. Article The fact that young people believe their generation uses social networking sites for … Continue reading

The Daily Engagement – a New Metric?

If so, then what does it mean? Not quite sure, but I’ve just spent the last 45-mins pecking away capturing the data below.  Whatever the case, it may be an appropriate time to re-examine McLuhan’s argument that the Medium is the Message, in contrast to what the fuck is going on today.. So, I’ve decided … Continue reading

A firey debate.. And perhaps opportunity – to innovate or die?

An article today in the NYTimes caught my eye, enough to grab the section off the counter of my parents house before heading back into the city. My father hates when I take the Sunday Business section. Still, I proceeded to snag his nightly reading, just so I wouldn’t forget to read it. My bad … Continue reading