The Daily Engagement – a New Metric?

If so, then what does it mean? Not quite sure, but I’ve just spent the last 45-mins pecking away capturing the data below.  Whatever the case, it may be an appropriate time to re-examine McLuhan’s argument that the Medium is the Message, in contrast to what the fuck is going on today.. So, I’ve decided to try and track all of my daily engagements and look at them through the lens of McLuhan.  That said, between now and SXSW – i’ll be tracking – and re-reading:

Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man

In the meantime, I define “The Daily engagement” as a legitimate communication. Either to send or receive a message directly from an individual or group of individuals.  In the form of work, personal, informational, etc.  I suppose that an argument can be made for an engagement to count on if it is full circle (send & receive), but for the most part all of the engagements below (with the exception of 65% of my personal emails being garbage) were two way engagements.

On 2/2/2010 – Puxatony Phil saw his shadow. In fact the only reason I remembered this was by scrolling through facebook.  This action of scrolling does not constitute as an engagement.  Responding, posting, dm’ing do.  But those are lower quality compared with a conversation or a direct action-required communication via email.  Sure there is some overlap between engagements and mediums, however I think that it all ladders up to greater complexity.  So what gives?  Or, do we adapt?

60 emails
– 9 invites
– 48 work subjects

152 emails
– 1 invite
– 5 research
– 57 work subjects
– 58 personal

Text messages:
36 txts

6 actions

9 tweets

1 vm

Phone Calls:
16 calls

17 conversations

Gross Engagements:
295 in the past 24 hours
6 hours were spent sleeping
16.39 engagements per hour
Or an engagement every 3.66 mins.
This all happened across two laptops and an iphone.

I can’t imagine what the future looks like..


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