Dear Papa John,

Thanks for getting to my call as quick as possible.  Just like you got to my order.  If I have to listen to Papa John talk about baby papa bellas one more time I am going to cancel my credit card order.   Plain and simple, don’t run a promotion, over-charge me, not take coupons on an online order, and then take two hours to deliver.  We’re no longer friends. Good-bye Papa John.  Ps. I still haven’t gotten my pizza.

Pappa John's Takes Forever!!

What actually frustrated me the most was their lack-of managing my expectations.  Just drop me an email, txt or smoke signal to let me know how late my food was going to actually be.  The system should automatically flag orders that are delayed and send correspondence letting me know.  This is why we’re no longer friends.  Let’s just hope that you listen better than you talk!


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