HOW the Digital Frontier is like the “New world” 500+ years later..

Apps on facebook and brand names on twitter.. Get with the program people – it’s like a gold rush, or better yet exploring a new frontier!! This is the best shit that’s happened since Christopher Columbus!!

The online world is kinda like the offline world.  Except that most of the offline (Physical Reality) has already been found. The online world – well hasn’t.. Really..

With every new platform that emerges, there become established real estate, or territory that is defined by a name or address.  The initial platform (for sake of this point) was the .com – and so domain registration become a big deal for brands.  Then came .net’s, and so on to facebook, twitter, etc… With each platform comes a new opportunity – and the same for the potential of applications on each platform.  Also come risk and ultimately responsibility to monitor the sites, the platforms and data streams of conversations, all of which you are more than welcome to take part of, and if you don’t – probably should..

In today’s Adage article: My Life as H.J. Heinz @notHJ_Heinz shared an important lesson – to which brand managers should pay attention.. While it’s sparked a fierce debate, I wonder how many more case studies will it take..?

Other opportunities live on Facebook – ah yes, within the land of applications. Here is an example of an application that was created by a “third” party and simply offers users free Original Irish Gifts they can send to their friends.

A quick search led me to find Baileys Irish Cream (16k), a Pint of Harp lager (24k), Jameson’s Irish whiskey (36k), a Pint of Guinness (89k) – each which was sent their respective (number) of times to other users.. Wow!! Free impressions – don’t brands want a piece of this?

Hmm?? At what point are brands comfortable not controlling it. Is there a greater upside to controlling it?

Facebook Original Irish Things app..


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