Why are Celebs more popular than Brands on Twitter?

So I’m a week late catching this article – though I don’t think the debate will be settled anytime soon.. The pecking order graphic below begs the question – Why are celebs more popular than brands on Twitter?

Perhaps because they are people – and not brands.. and people want to follow people and not products? Hmm.. Maybe or Maybe not..

Twitter like facebook, sms, bbm, provides a platform, a technology that helps us communicate. People use social media platforms for many reasons. There is no magic bullet solution to harnessing its power. Instead – the medium is the message – or an extension of you.

Twitter Pecking order

Who is more interesting?

Plenty of Celebs have significant followings not only because they attract followers but because interact with with followers. To other followers who don’t really know the celebs, the ones who are interacted with give off a sense of hope and a sense of connectedness. The close and intimate, yet very public communication crossroad of the tweet stream somehow gives those who stand on the outside, a glimpse and feeling of being on the inside. A step closer to that person than say the – tv, cd or radio..

Celebs are people. Twitter is a medium that is conducive to communication between people. An insight to why Twitter is popular among people maybe its the ability to connect people with people – very quickly. This insight I would argue, could apply to the entire realm of social communication.

So what can a brand learn from the celebs about how to use twitter? Or does it even matter?

One Response to “Why are Celebs more popular than Brands on Twitter?”
  1. Lemuel Pera says:

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