Just an observation.. What the cool kids drink..

It seems, for what its worth, that the “Y” generation is trading down. Though the term “trading down”, well is used loosely since we’re talking about Manhattan and bottle service in the hottest clubs around. The ever elusive hot club scene where 20-somethings run around from table to table and rock-out to the wee hours in the morn. From those still in school to those who are cool, and just barely show up in the office by the morning, the nightly deluge of parties – I wonder – how much does it influence the future purchasing intentions of these young 20-somethings?

What used to be all Grey Goose, is now Belvedere – and Absolut and Sky?? Wow – it seems that the kind of spirit (brand) is no longer relevant – well maybe not as relevant – as it used to be. I think subconsciously both Grey Goose and Belvedere are more appealing because of the length of the neck of the bottle. It stands taller than the other bottles when peeking out of the ice bucket – the bottle alone makes a statement. But its yet to be determined if this group will make a statement in the alcohol spirits category. Brands and marketers however are trying to make a statement among this group.

With the flood of flavors out into the vodka market, Brands and retailers alike are struggling to find not only a place, but also a way to get the word (and in this case) experience out. In a recent facebook post, a local promoter commented, “Ginger vodka? WTF (name of club)!!! Trying to bamboozle me???”

Perhaps they are my friend, perhaps they are.. (The promoter ended up sending the bottle back..)


2 Responses to “Just an observation.. What the cool kids drink..”
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