Content is King, Marketing is Queen..

And Context is the Jester that stole the freakin crown..

Ah what a sight to see.. #sx10 – oh what a scene..#awesome

First off – thank you Austin, TX for being such a Kick Ass host!! No seriously, they even had vans with the words Kick Ass painted on the side, driving around. And thank you to my phenomenal host and all the wonderful people I met as a result!

Though I’m going to spare this post from the day-by-day account, an just focus on the core message.. Future posts will capture all the fun.. This one is functional and simple.

Throughout the entire digital conference there were a number of references which alluded to, and by the end were literally shout out, “Content the King, Marketing is Queen who runs the show..” – quite frankly not sure there was anyone who disagreed.  At least not openly.  I argue however, that someone is missing from this royal family – and that would be the Jester.

Appropriately named, the Jester can make or break how the best content is communicated and marketing plan is executed.  Because let’s face it.. Unless the message is in the right context and both parties have the same frame of reference, the message may not be clearly communicated the way it was intended.

Today, there’s always a chance that the Jester may steal the freakin crown.

Promo Pillar in the main ACC hall way


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