Mobile Marketing, the Next Game Changer and Why!

A full-scale marketing assault is about to rain down on our lives through mobile, and will surly change the game for good.. And at first it’s not going to be pretty. Below are 7 signs that all point in the direction of Mobile Marketing and what’s to come!

1. Lady Gaga said so.. And for that matter mainstream music has caught on. In recent months there have been a number of new songs released that feature, and or are written around the cell phone texting.. Hmm – if the music industry gets it..then it’s already here..

Virgin Mobile

Telephone Lady Gaga

(Can’t help but wonder which came first the sponsorship or the song? Regardless, Virgin Mobile and Gaga have been in bed since she launched her tour. Mid performance they do a call to an audience member who entered during the pre-show promotion. The lucky winner gets to hang out with lady Gaga for drinks after the show. The point is, Gaga has blown up world-wide, and mobile is about too.)

2. Jason Derulo, C-Side, The Game, Ne-Yo and Soulja Boy Tell’em have all released recent songs about phones, texting and kissing..

Kiss me thru the phone..

Kiss me thru the phone..

3. iAD & Multitasking for iphone – but really apps in general on all smart phones.

iPhone OS4

GCA's (Game Change Agents..)

4. College kids are using Red Laser to check the prices of products and find the cheapest one at the nearest location.

Red Laser

No Joke, this Shit is fo real!

Now, if Marketer’s can only figure out how to close the loop and eliminate the need for paper coupons, by just scanning a screen or transferring coupon data via blue tooth.

5. Today’s nytimes front page article by Stephanie Clifford, provides us (the consumer) with a peak under the tent and glimpse at what is already a reality. “Coupons From the Internet Know a Lot About You”. is the truth, and just the beginning of what will be a roller coaster ride of regulation, enforcement and regret – in no particular order. The great debate or Privacy and Publicity will the at the forefront of the mobile revolution which is here and about to hit critical mass. Consider today, the loud quite before the storm..

“When the consumer redeems the offer in store, we can track it back, in this case, not to the Google search term but to the actual Facebook user ID that was signing up,” he said. Although Facebook does not signal that Amy Smith responded to a given ad, Filene’s could look up the user ID connected to the coupon and “do some more manual-type research — you could easily see your sex, your location and what you’re interested in,” Mr. Treiber said. (Mr. O’Neil said Filene’s did not do this at the moment.) This is a marketer’s dream, and to some extent consumer’s as well.. Since if the marketer had the consumer’s best interest in mind – they would help them make better decisions.. But the flip side, which may be more realistically the case, at least in the onset – is the concern and protection of the consumer against greedy marketers with a new technology that has set off alarms for some privacy advocates..

Tracking Customers by Search terms

Tracking Customers by Search terms

Stephanie finishes with – The coupon efforts are nascent, but coupon companies say that when they get more data about how people are responding, they can make different offers to different consumers. Companies can “offer you, perhaps, less desirable products than they offer me, or offer you the same product as they offer me but at a higher price,” said Ed Mierzwinski, consumer program director for the United States Public Interest Research Group, which has asked the Federal Trade Commission for tighter rules on online advertising. “There really have been no rules set up for this ecosystem.”

For now that means, mobile is about to become the wild wild west.. And yes people, we are at the onset of another gold rush.. Just look at the numbers..

6. Just look at the numbers. Cell phone adoption is almost 100%. Smart Phone adoption is on the rise, projected to be 50% by YE. Desktop usage is down. Telecoms are practically giving away smart phones. Data plans cost less. Regulation is relaxed. And everyone is doubly pumped and looking to make money are a result of the recession. (Sorry didn’t link to any numbers.. there are plenty of them out there..) My intention was to point out to the other sources that support the numbers from a qualitative standpoint.

7. Media Buying and Planning Just got easier.. And way more local. The new Transis platform from Centro is the first front-end to back-end media automation software that helps advertising agencies increase efficiencies, save costs and scale more profitably. Whoa!!


Transis - media planning made easy..

The implication from all of this I think is most important. While on the verge of a new dawn of a new era, there will come plenty of pain, fortune and growth along with new models and everything that comes with new industries. Let’s all just be smart and think before we leap. In closing, we have the opportunity to architect our future, for better or worse.

In the closing words of Danah Boyd’s “Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity” sxsw keynote – think about how, “You are shaping the future. How you handle these challenging issues will affect a generation. Make sure you’re creating the future you want to live in.”



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