AT&T and the World Cup

Sucks to be you, traveling with an iPhone to the World Cup. Maybe though it’s a blessing in disguise.. Here’s the breakdown:

$1.69/min with World Traveler add on for $5.99

$.50 to send a txt
free to recieve

$1.30 to send a mms

or pay $60 for 50% less – .01/kb

These are the best you can get through AT&T – don’t really have time to comment beyond are you serious?? WTF!!! So beware – below are a couple tips thy can help you save some serious Dow and damage:

– Only use features on wifi.
– Turn off data roaming and fetch new data
– Do not answer the phone unless you have to
– Put in sleep when not planning to answer the phone ao you dot get charged for incoming voice mails

To call from SA back to the US:
– dial 001 areacode phone number

To call me from US:
– dial 1 + ten digit number

Tollfree AT&T from SA:

Tollfree AT&T from us: 800-331-0500




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