Influencer Vs. Innovator | #influencer10

If there is one thing for certain, time is no longer a commodity. The question is, in the time that you have, how do you spend it and what do you do with it? And in doing what it is you do with your time, how much control do you have? Is that which you are doing representative of your true personality?

Deep downtown on the crossroad of noho and soho, a small group of influencers gathered in the basement of 45 Bleaker st.. The conversation was set around influencers and innovators, separating and defining the two..

Consensus was that the two are not mutually exclusive, one can be the other but both are not each other.

Influencer: when you tell someone something about something you think is cool and why, people let you know you are an influencer, it’s a group thing. An influencer is not always an innovator.

Innovator: when you come up with something new and cool, we push to be innovators, it a solo mission type thing. An innovator is not always an influencer.

The by-product is helping people make decisions, even if its not the goal.  Whether an influencer or innovator, either way the common characteristics include:

  • Personality: integrating personality into communication is key these days.  Individuals use their abilities to sell.  They take an idea of concept, and position is a way that their followers understand.  This requires the original owner to give-up control and trust the personality of the influencer.  This transfer of ownership and control enables the influencer to to do that, influence their followers.
  • Authenticity: knowing who you are and when to say n0 – is this going to alienate my core following?  This notion applies to individual personal brands and commercial brands alike.  Its not so much about infleuncers influencing everyone.  It depends on what you are trying to influence people to do.  Those seeking influencers need to find the right influencer influencing the right people for the right need, at the right time.

These two characteristics highlight the dichotomy between influencers and innovators.  Ian Schafer, CEO of DeepFocus hit the nail on the head in speaking about the needs of those influenced, “One thing you want because everyone has it and you feel left out.  Othertimes, you want to be the only one to have it.”

But when everyone does the some thing, its no longer cool, hip and innovative.  So is it about the process then?  Meaning, its all about weaving a story in an innovative way and enabling influencers to tell it in a compelling way to their followers.  Its about taking a risk.  Influencers are modern day story-tellers, which is why people follow them.  They know what works for their crowd, because they test things out- much similar to a crowd sourcing type way.  Good old fashion Grandma Testing, within their network to vet out and get an idea of potential feedback.

Plain and simple – people can smell fraud a mile away. For instance, brands that combine to co-promote something that has nothing to do with what their core products or values are, lack purpose or real meaning.  If it’s not smart or doesn’t make sense, then it will fail the authenticity test.  This failure will reflect on the perception of that person or brands personality.  This negative perception will perpetuate in the same manner a positive one would through an influencer’s circle.

In conclusion, its safe to say that it safe to say that just like people integrating their personalities in terms of influencing and innovating, brands need to do the same thing, that’s how you keep it real and remain authentic.

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