RE:FORMSCHOOL | Digital Strategy Day 2


Social Marketing Plan | Draft V.2 | 10/04/10

Challenge: RE:FORMSCHOOL is a really cool project, but most people don’t get it until they are here..and see how crazy an idea this is..

Question: How can we explain what it is we are doing in a way that people care?

Answer: Capture, create and distribute small bites of content so that people can follow the breadcrumbs, pick up the pieces and build a narrative based on their own experiences, which will lead them to the exhibition.

Social Goals:

  1. Create awareness of the RE:FORMSCHOOL event
  2. Simply communicate our value proposition
  3. Ask people to join the conversation online and in person
  4. Enable engagement with RE:FORMSCHOOL through technology
  5. Educate people about the installations and their artists
  6. Utilize technology to further facilitate conversation through social media

Social Mission: Call to action (our people) to join and engage in the RE:FORMSCHOOL conversation by listening, learning and educating on and offline.

Reason to Believe:

Arts and music funding is cut year after year, by mobilizing the creative community in NYC to listen, learn and engage in the growing reformation, we can keep the importance of arts and culture top of mind through a collective voice and participation.

I. Our People: (targets)

There are three groups of people we need to talk to.  Each group has a different level of interest and willingness to participate.  It’s safe to assume that typically 20% of each group will produce 80% of the actions.  People use technology and social media for different purposes to satisfy different needs.

OPEN People:

  • These people are the general public who like art and may be open to the idea of education and reformation.  They seek to feel apart of something bigger and are open to another point of view, hoping to define their own and find a meaningful way to output support.
  • Objective: Get inspired, Get informed
  • Visual: Shepard – Hope poster


  • These are the general public who have a passion for art, education, reformation and making something happen of which they believe in, but aren’t fully sure how to tap their talents.   The flame is lit, the fire needs stoking, they need direction.
  • Objective: Get involved, Get thinking
  • Visual: Shepard – OBEY


  • These are the general public who are actively involved in the creative, technology and education communities either through profession or self driven action.  These are the artists, the volunteers, and those who have ownership of the idea and are already taking action.
  • Objective: Educate, Inspire, Evolve
  • Visual: Shepard – Himself

II. Social Tactics:

Utilize multiple technological and social tactics to reach our people in the best way that inspires them to inspire others to join the conversation.

Awareness tactics:

  • Maintain initial online push tweeting, retweeting, following, friending, connecting, posting, etc..
  • Create a twit list of everyone who is volunteering so that we can quickly communicate
  • Clarify Internal #hashtags and definitions of what to use when
  • Contact artists and inform them of the onsite engagement tactics
  • Create a master map of what each of the galleries are and the challenges that will need to be associated with each for the SCVNGR trek.
  • Better leverage facebook – update page info to be more human and exciting.. let the blog be formal and rigid.
  • Upload photos from the blog, link to artists and partners
  • Ask artists to join that page
  • Ask volunteers to upload pictures from through out the day along with quick little vids and comments.
  • Utilize Facebook ads to niche target individuals and drive FB likes / interactions:
  • The Shepard Fairey promo
  • Work with Shepard Fairey to create a simple promotion with his followers to give away tickets to Friday night’s opening party.  Use this promotion to target the Open and Interested people who follow him.
  • The Event itself – Ask people to pledge to join the conversation by either liking on fb, following on tt or showing up this weekend.

Engagement tactics:

SVCNGR is simple.  It’s a game. Through the element of play, we can motivate people to trek about the space and drive them to each of the “exhibits” in search of information.   At each “exhibit” we ask people to focus on something specific, and challenge them to respond.

  • There are four types of challenges: Photo challenge, Open response, Trivia, QR Codes
  • After completing all of the challenges, people are awarded badges or rewards. So for instance, everyone who completes the entire trek on Saturday and Sunday will be entered into a drawing for a pair of tickets to Monday’s closing party.
  • Considerations: It will take at least 8 hours to set clear gaming goals, build, test, edit and test again.  Will need five people who don’t know the space, to test prior to release.
  • This tactic utilizes the committed to educate those who are open and interested.

Do You speak my language?

  • Each exhibition features small plaque which visually articulates what “languages” that artist speaks along with appropriate hash tags
  • E.g. I would be: FB, TT, FSQ, YT, #MAKECOOLSHIT #HAVEFUN

USTREAM | Universal broadcast:

  • Broadcast 3 times each day on USTREAM beginning today..
  • Set up account and begin streaming.
  • Remember Channel One tv, when we used to sit in class and get a live broadcast form the channel one network.. Well this is Channelone2.0.
  • UStream is a great way for schools to created projects and broadcast them to other schools.
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