Friendship is changing.. For Better or Worse?


For better. We are evolving.

But that’s just my own pov.


“If you address either boyfriends or money.. Then I’m not coming home for thanksgiving!”

Were the words echoing in the the hall from my friend shouting at her mother through the phone.

“We are 21, 23 and 24..If we come home with a friend, and introduce him as a friend, then he is a friend.  If we come home with the same friend again, and say he is just a friend.  He is just a friend. There is nothing wrong with being single. Ugh!!”

No doubt facebook and the internet have changed the way we have been taught to think and “typically” think about friends.  All in the past 10 years.

So what does the word “friend” mean these days?

Assumption #1: we are starting to define new levels of friendship. The number of touch points (m, em, sms, 1on1, fb, etc..) in a friendship correlates with the degree of friendship.

Assumption #2: at a certain lifestages, the desire to acquire new friends change.

I wonder.. What are the thresholds, and why does quantity matter to some and not others?  Is this because people require different levels of attention/needs, and have different levels of satisfaction?  And do thes levels of engagement dictate their expectation of how much a brand should engage with them..?


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