Focus on what you have…

Focus on the Now

I read a post this am by @MattChevy that reminded us to focus not so much on the end destination, rather to focus on the day-to-day, or the journey so to speak. I guess this is contrary to common wisdom which tells us to focus on our goal, and the rest will happen.

Focus on the Now

The truth is, sometimes it’s a challenge to do either. Usually when we focus on the now, it’s the later that we forget. And when we focus on the later, it’s the now that we don’t live.

Success is a balance. Living in the now, and knowing what we need to do to get to the tomorrow. Either way, at times we are our own biggest detractor. While focusing on the now or the later, be sure to focus on what you have, and not that which you don’t.

Because when we focus on that which we don’t have, we loose focus on that which matters the most. And that’s when the now or later no longer matters.

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