3 Posts Worth Reading..

I. 10 Ways social Media will change in 2011:

  • We should think about the implications for brands and help arm your clients and teams with the knowledge to understand.
  1. Social Media will be supersized
  2. Companies will integrate social feedback into their decision making process
  3. Mobile will become our gateway to the world
  4. Video will be everywhere
  5. The next big Online Social Network will not be a network at all
  6. ROI will be redefined
  7. Psychology is shifting
  8. Citizen activism brings back purpose and power
  9. Social business intelligence will heat up and so will privacy

10. The role of the social media strategist will be changing


  • Social Media is real and it is maturing. It will require more rigor and strategic approach to integrate effectively into results-driven models.
  • Opportunity to capitalize or threat of being cannibalized by those who capitalize (think competitors looking to take your lunch or vice/vs.)

II. Generational Update:

  • There are still notable differences by generation in online activities, but the dominance of the Millennial generation that Pew documented in their first “Generations” report in 2009 has slipped in many activities.
  • Millennial, those ages 18-33, remain more likely to access the internet wirelessly with a laptop or mobile phone. In addition, they still clearly surpass their elders online.
  • However, internet users in Gen X (those ages 34-45) and older cohorts are more likely than Millennial to engage in several online activities, including visiting government websites and getting financial information online.
  • Finally, the biggest online trend: While the youngest and oldest cohorts may differ, certain key internet activities are becoming more uniformly popular across all age groups.


  • Millennials are no longer the only ones doing it.  That means the numbers will only continue to grow.
  • News ways of using online will develop and change how people behave – as more people begin to experience and do it.  Marketers will have to jump fully into it at the consumer level to truly understand it – across the board.

III. For fun:

  • Case examples like this are floating around the web – waiting for brand managers to find them.  Agencies can provide this type or value by bundling in with strategic offerings.  For example, simply by search trends, low level reconnaissance can yield insights – that when vetted through sales data could highlight opportunities or at least provide value of the affinity building efforts beyond just a tracker study.

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