Stop thinking (for a minute) and just write… Rather Tweet!

#Tweet Level – From @edelmanpr is a simple new way to measure your, somebody else or a topic’s influence. They are open with their algorithm and give some pretty good “low down” advice..

Your Influence score – You may not be CNN but you understand the importance of Twitter and use it well. To increase your influence score, you will need to get people to re-tweet what you are saying more frequently – the posts you make and the number of people who follow what you say is critical.

Your Popularity score – Your popularity score is OK – but can easily get better. The chances are you have got a good following but there are a few things you can do to make the seismic shift to become Mr. or Mrs. Popular. This number is solely based on how many followers you have. Many Twitter measurement tools purely rank people according to this metric, however just because someone is popular doesn’t mean they are influential. However, to increase your popularity post regular and interesting content, time your posts to peak times and add hashtags to make it easier for people to find your tweets. You’ll have more people following you in no time.

Your Engagement score – Your engagement score is OK but could be better. You understand that even though influence is important, to many people how you engage is what counts. You don’t need to be movie star to score high in this critical category as it is your participation within niche communities that count. Take more time talking to individuals, make your posts easier to find by including hashtags and enjoy the conversation.

Your Trust score – Your trust score is pretty good but could be better. The Edelman Trust Barometer states that 77% of people refused to buy products or services from a company they distrusted. It is trust that makes someone act – for this reason alone, having a high trust score is considered by many to be more important than any other category. Trust can be measured by the number of times someone is happy to associate what you have said through them – in other words, how often you are retweeted. To increase your trust score you will need to create more interesting and informative posts that will give your followers a reason to retweet what you have said.


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