How Good Content is Shared

Today, I was flipping through Instagram and came across this epic image. And thought to myself, “Perfect! I’m so stealing this.” I responded with that exactly to the publisher, and screen shot the image.

They responded “do it.” I thought good, I already did.

Instagram photo

Yesterday Thump, a new EDM channel launched. They did a great job building initial awareness. Originally a friend from Vice, shared the Thump link on my Facebook wall.

As a result, I viewed and liked their content, then shared it via a scheduled post on MassivelyEpic‘s Facebook page.

Yesterday, I was on linked-in and saw that the channel had launched. I clicked through and landed on a massively over-branded page wrap sponsorship. The entire site had a home page take-over, funny I just watched a whole conference on not doing this -I thought to myself. Regardless, I got the message and clicked-through, which brings me to today.

Thump was able to take me on a journey: I gained awareness, evaluated the proposition, posted about it to evaluate interest within my community, clicked the link, and had my initial experience with their channel.  Final two actions – I emotionally react to the experience, and share my comments with the next people I am meeting with.

Today, Thump is in my consideration set and I noticed that they were following me on Instagram. So I followed them back not before evaluating my initial experience. I looked at the couple photos they posted, and thought about the home page on their launch. For a moment, I considered what type of content they will be posting, but then decided to follow them and see.

A little while later, they posted an epic Ravin image.  Below are the seven steps of their/my content’s journey.

Content Journey

Content Journey


After completing the journey, I reflected on it, marketing, content and users.  I wondered, had I connected with this piece of content by design, or by complete serendipity?

More to come on this at a later time, but in the meantime, think about the journey of content, how you interact with it and why.  At the end of the day, it was something that was made. Every piece of content that is created and shared takes time and energy to make.

And great content, for the right audiences, at the right moment takes a lot of time and hard work. Thanks Thump for the image -unless you stole it too 🙂


– Ravin

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