#MassivelyEpic Dance Party

The story behind #MassivelyEpic and what we stand for…

Kelly theBruce and I started MassivelyEpic a couple years back with a bunch of close friends, while at Lollapalooza. The idea was, that as a collective we all used the same handle and posted #MassivelyEpic stuff under the mantra of “Make Cool Shit and Have Fun.”

This past March, we expanded the group and repositioned #MassivelyEpic to include emerging artists, musicians, djs, producers and entertainers in search of creating truly #MassivelyEpic experiences.

Beyond the group, #MassivelyEpic stands for the feeling you get when something you are doing is #MassivelyEpic. Sometimes these moments are alone, sometimes they are with others. Either way, #MassivelyEpic is an emotional statement and state of mind, that through music is an emotional experience with yourself or others.

As performers and curators, each #MassivelyEpic Dance Party is a unique experience curated by the performers collaborating for that show. Currently, #MassivelyEpic is partnered with the TurnStyle Music Group and the Grolsch #ChooseInteresting Music Series which features emerging indie bands. #MassivelyEpic brings to the party a positive, upbeat party vibe, based on soulful house, electro and beats designed to make you #danceyourfaceoff!

We appreciate your support to like our #MassivelyEpic Facebook Page to laugh, dance and party!  Or buy a ticket to do the same with others at Tammany Hall, Thursday, May 16, 2013. Cheers 🙂



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