Ever since first playing the alto saxophone when I was nine, throwing my first party in seventh grade, my first dj gig in eigth grade or leaving the corporate marketing world in my early 30’s to start a band, music is a part of my life that I am the most passionate about.

And some things never change.

I have always been a hard worker, something my parents inspired in me from a very young age. And fortunately, I have always had friends that work equally as hard if not harder. I view every project as an opportunity to express myself and convey an idea individually or as a group, and have developed the ability to help inspire others to #TURNTHINGSUP a little louder, when working together.

The truth is, leaving the safety of a full-time job in New York City, in 2013, and surviving on independent income, while following your dream, and creating something from nothing, is hard. Very hard. Sometimes waking up and facing reality can send your day into a quick downward spiral, distracting your motivation and focus. So to stay focused and motivated, I often create small projects weekly.

I have now been consistently writing and composing music for a year. This was something that I always wanted to do, and then just suddenly clicked. No, seriously. Since I was nine I’ve had albums of songs running through my head. I knew one day that i would be able to capture them, and share these ideas with others. And over the past nearly 25 years, I have spent put in the time and study to learn how to take creative ideas from my head and recreate them in reality.


Click on the image above to listen and vote for this track. Thanks!

My true strength as a artist has yet to come, and is only beginning. I feel that now, I have completed my apprenticeship and am ready to take the next step in my journey. To build a studio of my own, a work place where I can collaborate with others to build amazing content, and business and family creating a positive impact on culture and the community.

#TURNTHINGSUP is a rally cry to independent artists in NYC to step up their game when going gets tough, and to transform yourself, collaborate and take it to the next level. This track uses a very non-subtle slight key change in the beginning to draw your attention, slipping into a progressive 16-bar blues base line that adds some nostalgic classical traits for musician listeners.

The topline synths and melody follow a similar progression but never complete the full bars lending a nod back to the simplicity and repetition of current EDM. The harmonic variance is created by varying tonal qualities of mid and high range synths, supported by a line of French horns over the top.

EDM is all about the build and break, which these days I feel have become expected in both position and duration. This is in part due to the radio format and preferred track length. Rather than splitting this track into three or four progressions, I focused on to variations of a single progression, with a triple build and break in the middle. The second progression is a complicated ensemble of synths and horns brought in and out with vocals and the only lyrics in the track coming to the front and over the top of the 32 bar rise.

Anyway, all that description mumble jumble behind… I submitted this track in an Indaba contest for some publicity in a NYC based EMD blog. When I checked out the entrants, there seemed to be non-from NYC. And after reading three articles this week about the decline of NYC nightlife, the death of the NYC artist and the declining NYC creative culture, I decided to re-write to track as a call to action for NYC.

List through, let me know your thoughts! Enjoy! Thanks.


3 Responses to “#TURNTHINGSUP”
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