Keys to Success: Quality Work and Truth


DAN MUNOZ – As an independent artist, the key to success is putting out quality work, and always being true to yourselves. That will shine through in the music and more often than not, people will be drawn to that realness and truth.

That is the truth, over the past couple years, KB Jones and The Kontraband have released three previous albums – Hot Soup – their newest to release this past summer. They are currently work on their fourth album slated to release early next year. For this album they are staying true to their sound, but opening up to a little wider audience. While we’ll have to wait to hear what that sounds like, below is their newest promotion video to tide you over in between.

KB Jones and The Kontraband first connected with #MassivelyEpic a couple of months back. Having been together for years, and some members playing together since high school, at some point all the members happened to have gone to school with the roommate of one of #MassivelyEpic’s co-founder.

Their first collaborative project with the collective was #Undergroove which went down at the National Underground for five weeks between the venue’s re-opening and then re-closing. The idea of this project was to create open-mic nights gave participating MC’s and rappers the stage backed with a live Hip Hop band, to get their voice heard. The event included a DJ as well as guest bands to play sets as well.

From this sequence of events they met and collaborated on a CBGB Festival 2013 performance with former Ultra Records recording artist Bella Saona on a single show performance.

The whole purpose is to foster collaboration in the community through live Hip Hop. This approach is a celebration of the heritage and culture of Hip Hop and a way to bring people together through great live music.

Through the #artistTRANSFORM project, KB Jones and The Kontraband are hoping to be able to fund the final production and help with the launch of the new album.

#artisttransform #kbjonesmusic


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