The Movement of Sound


DJ JOURNEY – “I feel that to be great, you need to study what is greater.

And, I’ve spent the past years of my life, studying, watching, looking around, paying attention to my environment, co-existing, not saying a word; until I got to a level of, confidence and I got to a level of knowing my environment, and knowing my history, and then looking within myself to see that I have something to say.

Just like, the people, and the men and women that went out to change, and innovate the world.

I’m different.

I’m different from any other man or woman that walks the earth.

Why, because I was born form two parents, that were born from two parents that were born form a blood line that streams back to the beginning. And because, I know my history and I am deeply rooted. From that history, I can grow in a proper way to be noticed and to be heard. And I carry that with me at all times.

I am my only competition.

I am my worse enemy.

So therefore, I take all of me and I move forward.

And I allow all of me, my good, bad, my ugly, my beauty, my smarts, my intelligence, my wisdom, my knowledge and my understanding.

I allow all of that to heard in my art, and what I do on a day to day basis.

Most people are in a rush to do everything because of technology. Technology has given us this superhuman feel, and it works. Messages can come across a bit faster because of email and text messages, and, bbm, and all of that. But there is still a natural part of us that needs to grow.

If it took nine months for our mother to incubate us, from a seed from our fathers. And to feet, mouth, hands, legs and then from that point we grew as infants into toddlers, into young adults and to adults. Just as natural is that process, is as natural is as picking up an instrument and practicing every single day until you can see it in a scientific form and mathematics.

I myself, am a DJ. And I’m a DJ by default of my Mom being a record collector. So therefore I heard music in a different way. I wasn’t a fan of the song but, I was a fan of the energy that, the instruments and the sound brought forth.

So therefore makes me different, and it makes me produce music and compose music in a different way. Because I understand that the right sound, can move people.

I am sound. And my journey is the movement of sound.

DJ Journey is a co-founder and collaborator with #MassivelyEpic. Through #artistTRANSFORM, and hopefully your support, DJ Journey will help other independent artists produce content that has greater impact and reach.

Vote below to support DJ Journey and the other independent artists collectively through #TRANSFORMTODAY!

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