Grab Your Leather Jacket and Get Your Groove On!

#MassivelyEpic Radio is a weekly radio show produced by Ravin Dave, airing on Tuesday nights at 9:00PM EDT, on

The show has been running for almost a year, and has aired 45 weeks consecutively. Each show is 60 minutes in length and typically features mix DJ sets from 3 DJs around the country and world.

The purpose of the show is to provide independent artists, producers, DJs and composers a platform to get their voice heard. DJs are responsible for selecting their own sets, and submit set lists that can be found for each show at

All set lists are submitted to RAPstation for potential inclusion in weekly top charts as well as the Top 100.

RAPstation was founded by, and is currently operated by Chuck D. The live stream features various programming that stream globally across, mobile app, and Public Enemy airways including iTunes Radio and TuneIn.

While the format is predominately Hip Hop and Rap, #MassivelyEpic radio, similar to their sister show Spectrum City B-Side Radio, take a more open source approach that includes all grooves inspired by any aspect of Hip Hop culture and history.

This year, Ravin Dave hopes to expand the show even further by featuring upcoming artist interviews as well as a video stream by 2015.

To get involved, please visit http://artisttransform to submit your content to the show and get your voice heard. Below are links to previous format versions of the show besides the weekly archive available at Enjoy!


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