Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

In anticipation of the October 21, 2014 worldwide launch of Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, a diverse group of creatives, technology enthusiasts and executives met in The Event Space #DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) in order to gain a first look and chance to experience the award-winning game.

Hosted by legendary DJ/Producer Keith Shocklee of Public Enemy, #Playcade, the first in a pop-up playground series, provided a space where creatives and executives could share interactive audio, visual and gaming design and talk shop over a beer.

The primary goal of the #Playcade Pop-up Playground Series goal is to foster a more creative and diverse future through partnerships and communication in order to evolve the fields of entertainment and technology.

The result of a collaboration between the Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved team and leading electronic music and DJ school DubSpot, the audio production and remixing of many of the game’s tracks premiered during the event via special DJ performances and presentations through a Peavey Electronics sound system.

Trip Digital Inc., a music production company that designs sound for film, TV, video games and commercials, aimed to bring together these communities as well as raise awareness about its services and newly launched event space in LA.

“As DJs we are used to mixing things together to create a vibe,” says Ravin Dave, Trip Digital Partner and Project Strategist. “In today’s fast-moving digital environment, technology has enabled others to mix things together much more easily. But it’s important that in the mixing process, we mix in real, live experiences and human interaction as well. That’s why the collaboration makes sense.”


Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved” will be available worldwide on October 21, 2014 for $59.99 for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Kinect for Xbox 360 for $49.99, with an ESRB rating of E10+ with lyrics descriptor. For additional information about “Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved,” join the Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/fantasiagame, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @FantasiaGame and view all videos on our YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/FantasiaGame.

The audio for all Playcade events was powered by Peavey Electronics. Founded in 1965, Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest makers and suppliers of musical instruments, amplifiers and professional audio systems in the world—distributing more than 2,000 products to more than 130 countries. Keith Shocklee relied on Peavey audio gear for his Playcade performances. Events are limited in capacity and by private invitation / RSVP.

About Peavey Electronics®
Founded in 1965, Peavey® is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical instruments and professional sound equipment. Peavey has earned more than 180 patents and distributes to more than 130 countries. Peavey and its MediaMatrix®, Architectural Acoustics®, Crest Audio®, Composite Acoustics® and Trace Elliot® brands and affiliates can be found on concert stages and in more than 10,000 airports, stadiums, theme parks and other venues around the world. To find out more, visit http://www.peavey.com.

About Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.
Harmonix Music Systems, Inc., based in Cambridge, MA, and established in 1995, is the leading developer of groundbreaking music-oriented videogames. Harmonix was founded by Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy, who formed the company to invent new ways for non-musicians to experience the unique joy that comes from making music and have pioneered music and rhythm gaming in the US. For more information please visit http://www.harmonixmusic.com.

About Disney Interactive
Disney Interactive, one of the world’s largest creators of high-quality interactive entertainment across all platforms, is the part of The Walt Disney Company responsible for the global creation and delivery of interactive entertainment, multi-platform video games, and family-focused content across all current and emerging digital media platforms. Disney Interactive produces and distributes a broad portfolio of content from Disney Interactive Games and Disney Interactive Media. Products and content released and operated by Disney Interactive include blockbuster mobile, social and console games, online virtual worlds, #1 kid’s entertainment destination Disney.com and the #1 Family/Parenting portfolio on the Web.

Disney Interactive is the interactive entertainment part of The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS).


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