I am…

A ringmaster, with expertise in choreographing real time engagements with an audience in a seamless, interactive experience.

Talented at turning insight into innovation with the ability to distill chaos into order.

Knowledgeable in how to combine the old with the new and harness the latest technologies to achieve objectives. Able to envision how these technologies can create fundamentally new types of value.

Competent at leveraging limited resources and collaborating across an groups and organizations to get work produced on initiatives, on time.

Passionate and knowledgeable of social technologies, have an ear for sounds and stories that will play well and an instinct for developing external relationships in a holistic sense.

Able to work in short time frames and excel at detecting emerging opportunities or threats and respond to them rapidly.

Understanding and appreciative of one brand voice and how to best allocate investments across touch points, knowledgeable of techniques for measuring effectiveness.

A social, transparent partner and catalyst for change. An orchestrator who by championing technologies, lessons from history, veterans and innovation, will help my team deliver the greatest show on earth.

I am a millennial on the cusp of a generation that will change the world. I’m always looking to work with others who aspire to do great work, make great music, kick ass and have fun. Let’s Go!

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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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