It sucks to be ‘just’ a DJ

It sucks to be just a DJ. No seriously, if you can’t be the number one DJ, or the best DJ, known for something, then you need to be the fucking cool DJ, or the really hip DJ with a lot of fucking people who like you for some reason or another. In the least … Continue reading

“Just smile a little bit, it will help…”

11:33AM – Brooklyn “Just smile a little bit, it will help,” said the lady walking past me perpendicular as I approached the corner. Is she talking to me? The lady behind me laughed.. There was no way the first woman could have seen the woman who laughed. So either that woman was speaking to me … Continue reading

How Good Content is Shared

Today, I was flipping through Instagram and came across this epic image. And thought to myself, “Perfect! I’m so stealing this.” I responded with that exactly to the publisher, and screen shot the image. They responded “do it.” I thought good, I already did. Yesterday Thump, a new EDM channel launched. They did a great … Continue reading

Friendship is changing.. For Better or Worse?


For better. We are evolving. But that’s just my own pov. “If you address either boyfriends or money.. Then I’m not coming home for thanksgiving!” Were the words echoing in the the hall from my friend shouting at her mother through the phone. “We are 21, 23 and 24..If we come home with a friend, … Continue reading

Content is King, Marketing is Queen..

And Context is the Jester that stole the freakin crown.. Ah what a sight to see.. #sx10 – oh what a scene..#awesome First off – thank you Austin, TX for being such a Kick Ass host!! No seriously, they even had vans with the words Kick Ass painted on the side, driving around. And thank … Continue reading

Dear @papajohns, thanks for the apology.. and free pizza!

Thanks for the phone call this past week in response to the note below. Luis handled the situation great. In fact my roommates and I took him up on the offer for a complimentary large any topping, just this past Saturday – and ordered another pie in addition.  Thanks for the hook-up – we’re back … Continue reading

Dear Papa John,

Thanks for getting to my call as quick as possible.  Just like you got to my order.  If I have to listen to Papa John talk about baby papa bellas one more time I am going to cancel my credit card order.   Plain and simple, don’t run a promotion, over-charge me, not take coupons on … Continue reading

talkin ’bout my generation.. seriously you should read these if you want us to listen!

➜➜➜Huh➜WhaaaaT??➜➜➜➜➜➜What’s that u say???????????? A national study fresh out of SDSU is confirming that Generation Y really is Generation Me . The jaw-dropping conclusion? 57% of young people believe their generation uses social networking sites for self-promotion, narcissism and attention seeking. Article The fact that young people believe their generation uses social networking sites for … Continue reading

Calling All Captains!!

A hot little promotion helping to heat up the winter and kickoff the spring!! Captain Brackemaster Challenge – here I come!! Meet the Morganettes | Girls |

Say goodbye, Say hello – Let’s Make it a TEN!

Well 2009 ended with a bang, and some how collided with 2010 over the course of a four-day ramp-up and bender! The status and chain of events is all neatly captured here thanks to, a new geo-locating social media app (that boasts a modest, but rapidly growing 170k user base). But with all of … Continue reading