Friendship is changing.. For Better or Worse?


For better. We are evolving. But that’s just my own pov. “If you address either boyfriends or money.. Then I’m not coming home for thanksgiving!” Were the words echoing in the the hall from my friend shouting at her mother through the phone. “We are 21, 23 and 24..If we come home with a friend, … Continue reading

Dear Papa John,

Thanks for getting to my call as quick as possible.  Just like you got to my order.  If I have to listen to Papa John talk about baby papa bellas one more time I am going to cancel my credit card order.   Plain and simple, don’t run a promotion, over-charge me, not take coupons on … Continue reading

hahaha.. And I thought Dick Clark was cool..

Maybe it was because I forgot to give Dick Clark Productions credit.. Below is the lovely notice I received after posting a brief video captured via my iPhone of the Lady Gaga’s performance at the AMA’s on ABC. Yes, yes, I know I don’t have any sort of rights to any of that footage – … Continue reading

Why me.. f**kin iphone!

So i decided to wait to get the iphone. Cause like any power mac user, and share holder, you wait until the 2rd generation before purchasing – that is unless you really want to be a disgruntled early adopter. And go figure, the 3rd time wasn’t the charm. . Of the couple million 3Gs’ they … Continue reading

Kenneth Cole – Seriously

So my GF just got of the train.. With her was the gift bag from CIBS 2008 Holiday Ball.  Surely it would include at least one men’s product- perhaps a new cologne..?  Kenneth Cole – Score!  Rectangle, roughly the size of a deck of cards.  Black – nice.  She opened the package.. Surprise!  A deck … Continue reading