Target Market: Age 13-40 Performances: Monthly
Music Style: Groove, Hip Hop, Electronic, Rock
Social Networks: Twitter: 1,100 | Facebook: 1,400 | Instagram: 550 | SoundCloud: 280

2013 | Ravin Dave – Never Die
2013 | Ravin Dave – Twerkit Instrumental
2013 | Ravin Dave – Drive All Night

2013 | Le Baron, Brooklyn Bowl, West Way, The Standard, Marquee, Drom, The Delancy,
Tammany Hall, The National Underground, Montauk Beach House
2007 | The Chevrolet Theatre, Wallingford, CT
2006 | Rain Ultra Lounge, South Norwalk, CT
2005 | Friday Nights, Club Mor, Stamford, CT
2006 | Pepsi Co. International Annual Meeting w/ Christina Aguilera

2013 | Funky House Mixtape – Beatport Mixes – Charted 35 on Top 100 June 6, 2013
2007 | Sold WJ Productions to competitor
2005 | Launched WJ Productions, Stratford, CT
2004 | Best New Year’s Eve Party – Emperor’s Ball, Stamford, CT
2001 | Launched Sound Groove Entertainment, CT
1998 | International Best Deejay Interactive Entertainers- RPMDJ

2013 | #MassivelyEpic Radio Host – RAPstation.com
1999 | The Heart WHRT – FM 91.5 – DJ / Co-host Wacko Jacko Radio

I first dreamed of becoming a composer when I was nine. Peachnote and Cakewalk had just come out, but only the upper school had access to the computers with these programs. By seventh grade I was two years into Alto sax, and a year in Baritone, before moving back to CT. In eighth grade I made the switch to guitar which was much cooler than Marching band, and the following year -1995 I started DJing with my buddy Wacko Jacko. Two years later, we deejayed many of the night clubs and all the High school Dances and Proms across the state.

In College I began producing in the “digital environment” at the turn of the millenium, creating original and mix tracks for the UConn Cheerleading and Dance teams. Post college I continued to produce and DJ, but also develop a career in digital marketing and design. Now, 18 years later, I’m back focused 100% on music with nearly 20 years of making, creating and executing audio ideas and experiences across music, entertainment, marketing, social, digital and design projects.

Composing music utilizes the same creative process as making ideas, campaigns or integrated brand marketing “Big Ideas.” Over the past two years, while switching back and forth between composing music and creating national integrated marketing campaigns, I realized that the most successful songs and campaign had single focus and and were simple ideas executed very well. These insights helped shape the process by which I approach music composition.

Using a destination approach, we focus on single idea, word or short combination of, in mind that our goal is for the receiver to feel. This approach is a successful method for vocals, but also works very well on instrumental and hybrid formats as well. Tonal color and depth, helps bring those experiencing it both cerebral and emotional connection through sound, environment and stimuli in a different way than do vocals. Especially a catchy hook that flows as if they were lyrics, listeners will hum theses melodies as if there were lyrics, just before the song gets stuck in their head.

Genres of Influence -Classical, Jazz and Blues are my primary sources of inspiration for bass lines, key changes, builds, tonal complexity, and swing. From electronic I pull inspiration for rhythm and drums while looking to rock and country for instrumentation on lead melodies, bass lines, and drum feasibility. Hip Hop and DJing culture gives inspiration for sampling, scratching and choosing the right music to create the right vibe for a crowd in an environment. Overall – “Groove” is the most important overall genre, quality, experience, etc… This is when a song makes you move, and helps you feel something.

While the majority of production occurs in a digital environment, every song starts on a Yamaha or Steinway for initial concept structure and notation before any digital transposition or instrumentation. Once translated, each instrument’s score is hand/ear checked and adjusted for live play for the final arrangement. Final arrangements can be produced digitally, or recorded via live musicians digitally, before going to mastering.

Artist / Entrepreneur | 2001-2014

Sound Groove Entertainment is a strategic content development, packaging and partnership company. By leveraging previous years of experience building national brand consumer and trade marketing campaigns for Heineken USA, Diageo, Church & Dwight and Altria brands, along with 17+ years of professional DJing and entertainment experience, we are creating a new company model focused on a strategic and collaborative approach to developing and distributing content. In March 2013, in partnership with Trip Digital and Keith Shocklee we formed #MassiveyEpic, a NYC-based producer collective of independent artists, musicians and DJs. Working together as a group, we are building out sustainable production and licensing models for independent artists.

Partner | January 2005 – December 2008

Launched start-up mobile-entertainment companies, sold WJ Productions to competitor after three years growth.
Provided professional entertainment service for Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and corporate clients – PepsiCo Int., Pilot Penn, Chevrolet Theatre, and KC101 Radio, monthly residencies at local clubs Blackbear, Rain Ultra Lounge, Mor Night Club. Created unique large New Year’s Eve ticketed experiences.

Developed brand identity, marketing and local targeted campaigns with radio, multi-experiential events, select print, narrowly targeted Internet PCP, banner, direct and video communications.

Partner | May 1996 – August 1999

Launched start-up mobile-entertainment company with business partner freshman year in high school. We focused on mobile DJing and after the first year booked the majority of High Schools in Connecticut as clients, handling their proms and dances. We expanded over the years to nightlife venues as well, working across Bopper’s, Club UK, The Melebis Club, Van Dome, Rain and Kangaroos Night Club. After heading to college, the three original partners would reunite and relaunch WJ productions years later.


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