Just an observation.. What the cool kids drink..

It seems, for what its worth, that the “Y” generation is trading down. Though the term “trading down”, well is used loosely since we’re talking about Manhattan and bottle service in the hottest clubs around. The ever elusive hot club scene where 20-somethings run around from table to table and rock-out to the wee hours … Continue reading

Why are Celebs more popular than Brands on Twitter?

So I’m a week late catching this article – though I don’t think the debate will be settled anytime soon.. The pecking order graphic below begs the question – Why are celebs more popular than brands on Twitter? Perhaps because they are people – and not brands.. and people want to follow people and not … Continue reading

HOW the Digital Frontier is like the “New world” 500+ years later..

Apps on facebook and brand names on twitter.. Get with the program people – it’s like a gold rush, or better yet exploring a new frontier!! This is the best shit that’s happened since Christopher Columbus!! The online world is kinda like the offline world.  Except that most of the offline (Physical Reality) has already … Continue reading

Calling All Captains!!

A hot little promotion helping to heat up the winter and kickoff the spring!! Captain Brackemaster Challenge – here I come!! Meet the Morganettes | Girls | SPIKE.com

Lady Gaga goes Bad Ass- tells Bad Romance to “Keep on Walking..”

Whether paid product placement, sponsorship or just plain luck, Johnny Walker Black received some prime time love from Lady Gaga in her performance spot of her new song “Bad Romance.” Are brands forcing these opportunities or are artists doing this on their own. Either way, there is a natural fit and perhaps an opportunity.. Footage … Continue reading

The bar effect..

There is an effect caused by alcohol – for some it kicks in after the first drink, and others after many drinks – where one who is consuming alcohol no longer is influenced by communications in the bar. At this point the strategic drinking decisions are already made – and any choice made after this … Continue reading