It sucks to be ‘just’ a DJ

It sucks to be just a DJ. No seriously, if you can’t be the number one DJ, or the best DJ, known for something, then you need to be the fucking cool DJ, or the really hip DJ with a lot of fucking people who like you for some reason or another. In the least … Continue reading

“Just smile a little bit, it will help…”

11:33AM – Brooklyn “Just smile a little bit, it will help,” said the lady walking past me perpendicular as I approached the corner. Is she talking to me? The lady behind me laughed.. There was no way the first woman could have seen the woman who laughed. So either that woman was speaking to me … Continue reading

The Movement of Sound


DJ JOURNEY – “I feel that to be great, you need to study what is greater. And, I’ve spent the past years of my life, studying, watching, looking around, paying attention to my environment, co-existing, not saying a word; until I got to a level of, confidence and I got to a level of knowing … Continue reading

Keys to Success: Quality Work and Truth


DAN MUNOZ – “As an independent artist, the key to success is putting out quality work, and always being true to yourselves. That will shine through in the music and more often than not, people will be drawn to that realness and truth.“ That is the truth, over the past couple years, KB Jones and … Continue reading

3 Posts Worth Reading..

I. 10 Ways social Media will change in 2011: We should think about the implications for brands and help arm your clients and teams with the knowledge to understand. Social Media will be supersized Companies will integrate social feedback into their decision making process Mobile will become our gateway to the world Video will be … Continue reading

Just an observation.. What the cool kids drink..

It seems, for what its worth, that the “Y” generation is trading down. Though the term “trading down”, well is used loosely since we’re talking about Manhattan and bottle service in the hottest clubs around. The ever elusive hot club scene where 20-somethings run around from table to table and rock-out to the wee hours … Continue reading

The Daily Engagement – a New Metric?

If so, then what does it mean? Not quite sure, but I’ve just spent the last 45-mins pecking away capturing the data below.  Whatever the case, it may be an appropriate time to re-examine McLuhan’s argument that the Medium is the Message, in contrast to what the fuck is going on today.. So, I’ve decided … Continue reading

A firey debate.. And perhaps opportunity – to innovate or die?

An article today in the NYTimes caught my eye, enough to grab the section off the counter of my parents house before heading back into the city. My father hates when I take the Sunday Business section. Still, I proceeded to snag his nightly reading, just so I wouldn’t forget to read it. My bad … Continue reading

The future!! – EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA!!

I doubt it’s arguable. The Apple iphone, platform and distribution system has changed not only the industry, but also consumer behavior. In today’s article, Phillip W. Schiller, head of worldwide product marketing at Apple was quoted, “I absolutely think this is the future of great software development and distribution,” Mr. Schiller says. “The idea … Continue reading

The bar effect..

There is an effect caused by alcohol – for some it kicks in after the first drink, and others after many drinks – where one who is consuming alcohol no longer is influenced by communications in the bar. At this point the strategic drinking decisions are already made – and any choice made after this … Continue reading