Friendship is changing.. For Better or Worse?


For better. We are evolving. But that’s just my own pov. “If you address either boyfriends or money.. Then I’m not coming home for thanksgiving!” Were the words echoing in the the hall from my friend shouting at her mother through the phone. “We are 21, 23 and 24..If we come home with a friend, … Continue reading

I “Like” Facebook, but can no longer be a “Fan”

Below is a brief top line that capture three of the most recent Facebook changes and the implications these changes have for brands and marketers. language Change: Consumers connect to (Brand) Pages by clicking “Like” rather than “Become a Fan.” The core functionality of Pages remains unchanged. The purpose of this change is to make … Continue reading

Why are Celebs more popular than Brands on Twitter?

So I’m a week late catching this article – though I don’t think the debate will be settled anytime soon.. The pecking order graphic below begs the question – Why are celebs more popular than brands on Twitter? Perhaps because they are people – and not brands.. and people want to follow people and not … Continue reading

Lady Gaga goes Bad Ass- tells Bad Romance to “Keep on Walking..”

Whether paid product placement, sponsorship or just plain luck, Johnny Walker Black received some prime time love from Lady Gaga in her performance spot of her new song “Bad Romance.” Are brands forcing these opportunities or are artists doing this on their own. Either way, there is a natural fit and perhaps an opportunity.. Footage … Continue reading

A funny take on the client vendor relationship..

Funny video on the nature of the vendor client relationship.. So how do you move beyond being just a vendor? Relationships of course..

Puma.. nice job!

new puma spot is pretty cool.. someone should do an off broadway play like this.. Too bad it’s not inbedded. Downloadable though.. enjoy

How the f**k do i filter my feeds on fb?

With the launch of the new fb desgin, there seems to be a bit of confusion about how to control the sudden twitter like influx of news about your friends. Hopefully this deck can help.

What the f**k is social media

A great simple and concise presentation with lots of little facts from Marta Kagan,

Save Essentials – really?

Watch the video, the idea makes sense.  And, since I support green products and positive brands, I support this communication.  I do however think that this approach may be a bit weak to accomplish the goal of keeping A&H Essentials  in the market place.  Nonetheless, it’s a good product that’s suffered because of poor communication … Continue reading

Kenneth Cole – Seriously

So my GF just got of the train.. With her was the gift bag from CIBS 2008 Holiday Ball.  Surely it would include at least one men’s product- perhaps a new cologne..?  Kenneth Cole – Score!  Rectangle, roughly the size of a deck of cards.  Black – nice.  She opened the package.. Surprise!  A deck … Continue reading