It sucks to be ‘just’ a DJ

It sucks to be just a DJ. No seriously, if you can’t be the number one DJ, or the best DJ, known for something, then you need to be the fucking cool DJ, or the really hip DJ with a lot of fucking people who like you for some reason or another. In the least … Continue reading

The Movement of Sound


DJ JOURNEY – “I feel that to be great, you need to study what is greater. And, I’ve spent the past years of my life, studying, watching, looking around, paying attention to my environment, co-existing, not saying a word; until I got to a level of, confidence and I got to a level of knowing … Continue reading

“I realize we spent countless hours…”

MARK COLANGELO – “I love making music, but make no mistake; it’s hard work.  Invisible Garden has put out two EP’s. Looking back, I realize we spent countless hours writing, recording, and mixing, but virtually no time promoting. That part was boring, and I didn’t think it was important.  I used to believe that good … Continue reading

Keys to Success: Quality Work and Truth


DAN MUNOZ – “As an independent artist, the key to success is putting out quality work, and always being true to yourselves. That will shine through in the music and more often than not, people will be drawn to that realness and truth.“ That is the truth, over the past couple years, KB Jones and … Continue reading

Focus on what you have…

Focus on the Now

I read a post this am by @MattChevy that reminded us to focus not so much on the end destination, rather to focus on the day-to-day, or the journey so to speak. I guess this is contrary to common wisdom which tells us to focus on our goal, and the rest will happen. The truth … Continue reading

RE:FORMSCHOOL | Digital Strategy Day 2

DAY 2 Social Marketing Plan | Draft V.2 | 10/04/10 Challenge: RE:FORMSCHOOL is a really cool project, but most people don’t get it until they are here..and see how crazy an idea this is.. Question: How can we explain what it is we are doing in a way that people care? Answer: Capture, create and … Continue reading

RE:FORMSCHOOL | Digital Strategy Day 1

Volunteering for a public, group, not-for-profit project can always be a daunting task.  Besides the personalities, different ways of working, levels of commitment, access to resources and everything else, its sometimes difficult to get done what you need to in the amount of time that you have.  Over the next couple of days I am … Continue reading

Say goodbye, Say hello – Let’s Make it a TEN!

Well 2009 ended with a bang, and some how collided with 2010 over the course of a four-day ramp-up and bender! The status and chain of events is all neatly captured here thanks to, a new geo-locating social media app (that boasts a modest, but rapidly growing 170k user base). But with all of … Continue reading

The future!! – EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA!!

I doubt it’s arguable. The Apple iphone, platform and distribution system has changed not only the industry, but also consumer behavior. In today’s article, Phillip W. Schiller, head of worldwide product marketing at Apple was quoted, “I absolutely think this is the future of great software development and distribution,” Mr. Schiller says. “The idea … Continue reading

What the f**k is social media

A great simple and concise presentation with lots of little facts from Marta Kagan,