“Just smile a little bit, it will help…”

11:33AM – Brooklyn “Just smile a little bit, it will help,” said the lady walking past me perpendicular as I approached the corner. Is she talking to me? The lady behind me laughed.. There was no way the first woman could have seen the woman who laughed. So either that woman was speaking to me … Continue reading

A firey debate.. And perhaps opportunity – to innovate or die?

An article today in the NYTimes caught my eye, enough to grab the section off the counter of my parents house before heading back into the city. My father hates when I take the Sunday Business section. Still, I proceeded to snag his nightly reading, just so I wouldn’t forget to read it. My bad … Continue reading

Say goodbye, Say hello – Let’s Make it a TEN!

Well 2009 ended with a bang, and some how collided with 2010 over the course of a four-day ramp-up and bender! The status and chain of events is all neatly captured here thanks to foursquare.com, a new geo-locating social media app (that boasts a modest, but rapidly growing 170k user base). But with all of … Continue reading


Ten years ago I was senior year in high school, beginning the third quarter with an internship at Merrill Lynch.  The markets were volatile, AOL was the rage! 60-100 point swings, in a single day.  No one thought the Internet was here to stay.. Yet others believed.  That summer, I landscaped for a boss who … Continue reading