Below is a small collection of poetry, lyrics, songs – Some will live, some will die, and together they represent moments in time.


In the end

At the end of the tunnel
There is a light
That defines your search
When time becomes right

Feel the vibe,
the energy,
thru streets,
like ecstacy..
From the sidewalk
into your feet
ur mind runs wild
‘n emotions run deep

Hello, hello,
are you alive!?
If so, how are you doing tonight?
Our eyes cross
catching lines of sight.

Hello, hello, tell me your name
Let’s cut thru the bullshit,
Let’s get thru the game
Hello, hello, tell me your name

(Low mono tone)
I see you staring there
From across the way
The frown on ur face
Speaking in shades of grey

Common common
Stop looking this way
If there’s no way to get you
To tell me your name

Funny how you thought
That your frown was a smile
Undercover from a lover
gone for a while..

I see it in your eyes
But not in your smile
There’s no reason to hide
Come with me for a while

Hey hey hey
what’s your name
I’m coming over there

Hey hey hey
what’s your name
my name is
here to fuck up your game


Actions equal dreams defined

As rainbows collide
with tornados in the sky
And selfies cloud our
narcissistic minds
May we stop to wonder
how high to climb
To reach the stars in the sky?

And in moments when
we stop and think
With nod to pasts
in grace we wink
Then moment pass
and future foreseen
Left is the feeling of the in between.

And Forsaken not
To notice when
Opportunities present
to comprehend
Evolutionary are these times,
where the future lies
within our minds.

And while greatness thus
can be achieved
Only by minds
of which believe
Pursuit of truth,
Sublime, unseen

One must act, to fulfill ones dream.


Fall away to pieces

Broken from the start
Listen hear,
Please believe me
Im speaking from my heart

Live in the moment
Catch the feeling
You al’ready know it
Don’t stop believing

Now u gotta run, The distance
You have to will, Existence

And Everything left is
Just, the funny business


Popping off tops

Here we go
popping off tops
Singing ’bout rocks
Who’s who and whats we all got

Running around
You know that sound-
That we don’t stop
Until were on top of the world
spitting some real hip hop

Are we really this real
Or just as real as the hot

97 degrees
Summertime (in the city)
living with ease
AC cranking you’d better believe

Cause we’re big pimping,
spending our cheese,
With our bass beats bumping
Smoking our weed

Our lyrics spitting
Like empty cate_gor_ies
On jeopardy,
Spoken in alle_gor_ies

Telling our fans not to worry
Cause once were ur top
it’s just all for glory
Rapping some bullshit story



Listen to the music
Lost somewhere in the sands of time
Wanting just hear from you
While your making up your mind

But Before we loose the feeling
And before we change our minds
Another night together
to feel each other, One more time

Hold on tight, Don’t let me go
Embrace the feeling that,
we both used to know

Run run run, keep running away
Run for the love that keeps you astray
Run with a passion, there’s no other way,


Rising Star

I heard you call
In the early morn
My phone was near
But I carried on

You say what ur saying
But I know what ur saying
It’s everything thing I heard before

It started with dinner
When You were a winner
it went down hill from there

Done done done done – guitar

Cause I____ know
When it comes to the show
That you’ll always make it there

when you come home
You already know
I’ll be waiting there

Baby it’s no fair
I’m glad your here
And I want you to know
I don’t go to the shows

So accept it my dear
Have no fear
What you don’t know
Is that I make my own show

For many that travel
And come from a far
With hopes to meet
This rising star


Live and Let Be

I don’t want to look at you
Don’t want to see your face
It’s the early afternoon
I feel like a disgrace

Leave me alone
Let me be
I just need my space
Stop staring here
Get outta my face


Look Around

Look around,
Feel that energy.
Get down with vibe,
rock all night
unlock that mystery



You look at me hard
Cause u know I’m real strong
I don’t blink an eye &
Make a minute seem long

I wantta get by
But your not gonna have it
You better move out (pause)
Or im gonna wreak havoic

Don’t fuck around
Cause you know I’ll wreak havoic
My girls roll deep
And you know they won’t have it

Don’t spatter on my jeans
Like a bottle of ketchup
Move outs the way
u know I clean a mess up

What’s that say?
you Don’t hear what i say
Shits about to get nasty
Move outta my way

Move Bitch
Get outta my way
didn’t you hear
What ludacris say?

Wait up, hold up
Aint we brothers
Shit up, I’ll smack you
Back to our other mothers


Thoughts in my mind

Thoughts in my mind
A Moments of time
Caught up and drifting away

There’s nothing left
But a nagging request
To give it a little bit more time

Day after day
Feelings continue to fade
Until our thirst is quenched by another


Yoga Pants

I like the summertime.
I’m sure you do to.
When summer finally arrives,
it means the beginning of good times.

It’s not that times before were bad.
They were just cold.
And when it’s cold,
people wear more clothes.

You know it’s almost summer,
when the sun dresses arrive.
It used to be spandex.
But now those are yoga pants,
and people where them all the time.


Sunglass Day Dance

I always wear sunglasses during the day,
and sometimes at night

I often wear sunglasses when it rains
That’s because they make me feel alright

With my sunglasses on,
I am invisible,
like a ship passing in the night.

I can stare at you,
but you can’t see me,
and that’s what I like

These aren’t the only times I wear sunglasses.
I also wear sunglasses when I am as high as a kite.

Or when I want to dance,
all through the night.



The first thing I thought about
when I saw you
Standing there
the other day on the corner

I thought to myself,
i’d like, to, get, to
wooo ohh woo

The light turned green,
we both crossed the street
and you know
I’m coming straight for you

if we meet in the center,
there would be nothing better
we’d escape
into euphoria

ooh I adore you, yes I do

Living off life lines,
sipping on sunshine
summer buzz, rum time,
i just can’t get enough

Maybe just one time,
I can be your love time
call me up sometime,
if you give it up
(if you’re looking for love)


The Winnest

For the people, of the people, by the people we the people

If it was so equal,
then why the steeple chase
Or the rat race
It’s what we go through everyday

Called survival of the fittest
It only matters who’s the winnest


Electronic Supersonic Robot

Elec_tronic Super_sonic Ro_bot

This ones gonna make you rock,
put your hands up high,
This one’s for the people,
to take you through the night

Feel the break,step inside
you gotta move your feet

Put your hands to the side
Move your hips to the beat

Electro move the party
come on everybody

This one’s for the people
Show me what you got

do the
Super_sonic Ro_bot



How real is real is when it gets,
Living every moments breathe,
and in the moment you attest,
it’s for life and death
is when you finally rest,

U accomplished all that you can be,
standing out among the sea,
reinventing to live infinity
carry on my child,
it’s ur destiny.



Put your hands in the air
If ur getting up in here
Let me see the Harlem Shake
If ur down with the blaze

Walk walk walk walk
Walk around the block

My girl we’re gonna break up
If she dont stop

My crew & I hustlin’
Even on the top

Dropping new dope beats
Make ur body rock

Up on the table
For the skirt shot

Shaking ur navel
Damn u look hot

Back to my place
You can take the top

And ur gonna rock it
Rock it
rock it_on top of me
Making me feel_ your ecstasy

You and I baby can’t you see
This love making feeling
Is meant to be

I want it,
I want it,
I want your ecstasy
-loose control
Let it go..

Get that feeling like a roboto!


Underground Beats

Underground beats,
Af_ter, hour treats
I’m in the scene,
for sure!

Short mini skirts
Girls who like to flirt
Can’t stop till
I get some more!

Get some more…

Living in the nightlife,
seeking out the highlights,
this is the lime light
I’m looking for!

Cause I only live for danger
I want to live forever,
I might die tomorrow

Until then,
I’m gonna-
Dance Dance dance
To get rid of the sorrow


Wake-Up; Shake-Up

Oh hell yeah, yo, here we go- yo

We’re gonna get down like we just don’t care
Put your phones up
Wave them in the air
Here we go New York
its ok, let ’em stare
I got drinks for us,
and a cab to share

My work’s so genius,
I cant believe it’s
So hard
to walk this way
Each and every day,
I pay to play
The life that I’m living,
I was born this way

In the game we play,
if I don’t like it
then I change the way,
every morning when I wake up,
its a brand new day,
i put my hands up,
no charades,
With my game face on,
-singing hip hop hooray!

Wake-up, wake-up,
it’s a shake-up,

You gotta get-up, get-up
and get the move on

Wake-up, wake-up,
it’s a shake-up,

You gotta get-up, get-up
and get the groove on



you will recognize,
life’s little ways
of showing you signs,
someday, Someway

You feel it inside,
it’s getting harder to hide,
you knew it before,
and now you know it again…


Spark Plug

Take it to another spot
hit the button, spark plug,

Give it to me give it to me
Give it to me mama
Sattle up, take a ride,
you can call me poppa,
close your eyes that’s my girl
No one’s gonna stop ya.

Take it to another spot
hit the button, spark plug,

Give it to me give it to me
Give it to me mama
Sattle up, take a ride,
you can call me poppa,
close your eyes that’s my girl
No one’s gonna stop ya.
Flip it down,
turn around now I’m on top ya.

Take it to another spot
hit the button, spark plug,

Give it to me give it to me
Give it to me mama
Sattle up, take a ride,
you can call me poppa,
close your eyes that’s my girl
No one’s gonna stop ya.

Flip it down,
turn around now I’m on top ya.


On Top

Everyday we rise and flow,
keeping life simple as we go.
Masters of domaine,
world wide we reign,
we bring sunshine to cloudy days.

The hustle game is what we play,
toping the top with the words we drop,
and our actions speak louder than,
the words we say.


Can’t Live this way

Listen to ourselves,
listen to the sounds,
voices echo in the breeze,
down the streets

No one else around,
once again bound,
by the bottle and
each others defeat

Night after night,
we put out and fight,
we walk away

To wake in the morn,
Return to the norm,
We step back once again

We see in our eyes,
we both know know why,
we can’t live this way…

Can’t live this way ay ay aye..


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